Glasgow University Screenwriting Society

Glasgow University Screenwriting Society was formed in order to establish a creative environment where members can learn the basics of how to write a screenplay and then put into practice the acquired knowledge through workshops and community encouragement. Our members come from all different skill-types, experience and knowledge on screenwriting and the main goal of our society is for all members to grow, learn and produce together, helping each other along the way.


We meet on campus every Monday of the academic year. The meeting usually has a presentation by a GUSS member on some aspect of screenwriting whether that be format, typical rules of story or genre or a presentation on a Screenwriting book or other type of media such as tips from a podcast or website. If you would like to develop your public speaking or presentation skills and have something to say about screenwriting then we would be happy to provide you with time to do so at a future meeting. Additionally, we like to hang out as a group and share ideas, tips, recommendations and screenplays. Some members are very happy to read your screenplay then provide feedback.


We also present writing and film-making exercises, shoot films we have scripted and work on our basic film-making skills. We provide pitching tips and practice sessions as well as have guest Q&A’s from local talent or academia. We also provide a space online for script collaborations and wider screenwriting related networking.


If you are interested in developing your story ideas and learning screenwriting format or meeting with creative types and becoming involved in the Glasgow film-making scene then please do come along. Everyone is welcome and you can be as involved as you wish throughout the year.


The easiest way to get in touch with us is our Facebook page.


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