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The Comic Creators Club was formed to provide encouragement, opportunities and resources for students to create and publish comic.

The club is open to all students regardless of experience or perceived level of skill, our only requirement is that our members have a desire to have a go, improve their craft and have fun in the process of producing comics.

Our club provides cartoons for the Glasgow Guardian, The GIST, QMUnicate magazine, G-YOU magazine and the Medusa Review while also working towards producing our own comic anthology book.

Common comic jobs:

Writers: responsible for creating the story and dialogue with the comic format in mind. Individual writing styles vary but a comic script must make sense to the artist.

Pencillers: draw the comic pages based on the script, traditionally with pencil on paper but increasingly this work is being done with computer software and drawing tablets.

Inkers: produce finished black line work that defines comic imagery. May not be the same person who does the pencil art. The inking style can greatly affect the depth and impact of the finished art.

Colourists: mostly work digitally however painted and inked comics are still produced in the industry. Colourists are the lighting engineers of comics, able to change the mood of a scene with their work.

Letterers: the people who put the words on the page, that includes text boxes, speech balloons and sometimes sound effects, credits and titles. Text placement, spacing and layout all affect the reading flow of a comic sequence.

Editor: has an overarching knowledge of the importance and impact of all the other jobs required in producing a comic (although they may not do any of those jobs themselves). Typically gives feedback to each creator and makes sure everyone is working towards their deadlines.



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