We are the Asian Medical Students’ Association in Glasgow (AMSA-Glasgow) and we are affiliated to AMSA Scotland and AMSA International.

AMSA is a peak representative organisation for medical students across Asia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. It was established in 1985 and currently has 24 member chapters in Asia and Oceania, including Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. AMSA Glasgow is proud to be affiliated with AMSA Scotland, which comprises chapters in all 4 Scottish universities. 

AMSA's visions are Knowledge, Action and Friendship. To fulfill those visions, we will be holding various academic and social events throughout the year.

Why sign up?

1. Great teaching

Our reputed academic events are free of charge for members and include weekly Phase 3 revision sessions, Y1 and Y2 revision sessions, a Finals Revision Series for those in Y4 and Y5, and mock OSCEs, MCQs and now MEQs!  This year we are planning to organise introductions to research and surgical workshops to further benefit our members.

2. Fun socials and AMSA families

We also host a variety of social events throughout the year, ranging from Murder Mystery Nights, Pub Quizzes, Christmas Socials, and many more. AMSA families connect our junior members in Y1-Y3 with friendly and welcoming seniors to provide a support network both socially and academically.  

3. Network with medics at other universities

Still not interested in joining AMSA? Through our connection with AMSA Scotland, members are also eligible to take part in the much-loved Inter-University Dialogue events, where students from each of the Scottish AMSA chapters form teams and spend a weekend away in each city completing challenges together and making lifelong friends.

The prestigious Asian Medical Student’s Conference (AMSC)  is a wonderful opportunity for freshers to explore and develop their academic knowledge, cultural appreciation, and interpersonal skills. Delegates from all over the world attend the conference annually!  Through the Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP), we have the opportunity to visit AMSA Chapters from other parts of the UK and beyond and also host them in Scotland too. 

Our community is open to all, irrespective of your race or nationality! If you have any questions please reach out to us via our social media pages @amsa_glasgow or via email at amsaglasgow@gmail.com. Sign up on the SRC website and we look forward to welcoming you soon :)

Available Memberships:

  • Annual Membership - lasts for one academic year
  • Lifetime Membership - lasts for duration of Medicine course (5 years)

If you have previously signed up for a lifetime membership you need not sign up here as well as you will still be registered with us. 


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