We are the Asian Medical Students’ Association in Glasgow (AMSA-Glasgow) and we are affiliated to AMSA-Scotland and AMSA International.

AMSA is a peak representative organisation for medical students across Asia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. It was established in 1985 and currently has 24 member chapters in Asia and Oceania, including Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.


The Scottish Chapter, AMSA-Scotland, was founded in 2018 by a group of University of Glasgow students. AMSA-Scotland is now comprised of two member universities: AMSA-Glasgow and AMSA-Edinburgh. There are also AMSA Chapters in England (AMSA-England) and Northern Ireland (AMSA-NI).

Our organisation’s visions are Knowledge, Action and Friendship. To fulfil those visions, we will be holding various academic and social events throughout the year. Our academic events (e.g. tutorials, mock OSCEs & MCQs) have been well-received in the past but this year, we will also be organising monthly journal club sessions! In light of the pandemic, virtual social events (e.g. pub-quiz & games) are in place to help you destress in a safe manner. Through the Asian Medical Students’ Exchange Program (AMSEP), we have the opportunity to visit AMSA Chapters from other parts of the UK and beyond and also host them in Scotland.

Still not interested in joining AMSA? The prestigious Asian Medical Student’s Conference (AMSC) will be held in London next summer and our partner, AMSA-England, will have the privilege of hosting it! Past conferences had been held in the Philippines (2016), Korea (2017), Malaysia (2018) and Singapore (2019). The conference is a wonderful opportunity for freshers to explore and develop their academic knowledge, cultural appreciation and interpersonal skills. Delegates from all over the world will attend the conference!

To join our society and stay up-to-date with our latest events, like and message our facebook page (AMSA-Scotland) or email us at amsaglasgow@gmail.com. We look forward to seeing new faces at our society!

Available Memberships:

  • Annual Membership - lasts for one academic year
  • Lifetime Membership - lasts for duration of Medicine course (5 years)


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