What is First love society about?

First Love Society's purpose is to unite and mobilize Spirit filled (Charismatic) Christians (and students interested in Charismatic Christianity) on campus who are filled with First Love for the Lord. Our passion for God and the Holy Spirit is derived from the words of Jesus in Revelation 2:4. As a church, we desire to maintain the first love of the church, which is prayer, to be grounded in the word of God and to seek the gifts, language and manifestations of the Spirit, and to build each other up through regular fellowship and breaking of bread. All students, regardless of their religious beliefs, race, or opinion, are welcome to participate in our activities and learn more about our faith. 

We also aim to attract students who may never have the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus Christ inside the traditional four walls of the church, to do so right on campus, during our weekly meetings, activities and events. Furthermore, our goal is to ultimately give students who have accepted Jesus as their saviour, the opportunity to also spread the message of the love of Jesus Christ for all by using their God-given talents through dancing, singing and drama.

Our Aims are as follows:

  1. To create a family away from home
  2. To promote and accommodate Charismatic Christian beliefs and practices among our members
  3. To increase interaction and fellowship between Charismatic Christian students, through activities, events and seminars.
  4. To offer charitable assistance to orphanages, homeless centres and other welfare organisations.
  5. To organize regular social activities and events
  6. To network with other Charismatic Christian students and other First love society across the UK
  7. To develop the leadership and professional skills of all members    


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