The University of Glasgow Cannabis Society aims to support students and academics interested in the field of Cannabis research, activism, and science.

Through a series of interdisciplinary talks and lectures by researchers, activists and scientists in the cannabis field, we hope to provide education surrounding cannabis research, activism and science. We aim to educate individuals about the potential role of medical cannabis in treating conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, cancer, depression, epilepsy, inflammatory diseases, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms and reducing nausea and vomiting for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Our society hopes to draw attention to the impact prohibition has had on our members, especially students of the BAME community by inviting specialists in this field to speak at our conferences, and by providing a safe space for students at the university to talk about their own experiences and those of their friends and family members.

Notifications of upcoming events are to be found on our Instagram Page, on our Whatsapp Group and via our mailing list. 


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