We at GUSEM are students passionate about all aspects of sports medicine and physical activity for health.

We aim to provide social, charitable and academic events for students who are interested in this medical specialty.

As a medical society, we intend to provide events for students to understand more about the specialty in order to pique their interest in it even more. This is particularly important to us because we recognise the lack of sufficient education on this topic in the medical curriculum, thus aim to inform and inspire future health professionals. This includes inviting guest speakers all around the Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) world - be it SEM doctors, athletes and similar professionals - to speak at our events and explain why SEM is the best specialty to pursue as a medical career.

We aim to not only involve students interested in pursuing a SEM specialisation, rather reach all future health professionals because we strongly believe that SEM has profound relevance and importance in all fields of medicine. Glasgow is a city offering a wealth of opportunity for SEM education, particularly hosting many highly experienced professionals to deliver talks and answer questions regarding careers. Whether you have no experience of SEM at all, have intercalated in this area or simply have an interest, we welcome everyone to come along and involved!


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