Urban Bites 6: Moving Forwards or Backwards? Event Report

Event Report for the Urban Bites 6: "Moving Forwards or Backwards?" event report

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Urban Bites 6: Moving Forward of Backwards? was held on Tuesday, 6th February 2024 in the Boyd Orr Building with 35 students, academics and pracitioners all attending.

Urban Bites Events are designed to be a short series of talks by invited speakers.  Each presenter has a 15 minute slot each, consisting of a 7 minute "lightning" talk followed by 7 minutes of Q&A.

Urban Bites 6: Moving Forwards or Backwards? was held to grow a better understanding of how sustainable public transport solutions can be achieved against a backdroup of greater local powers of local authorities to take action whilst they also face a reduction of funding and the cancellation of ambitious projects such as HS2.

As well as being provided with background information on the sustainability challenges being faced in Glasgow and some practical solutions around how these can be addressed.  We also heard from the campaign to bring buses back into public ownership across Strathclyde, as well as the campaign to improve cycling infrastructure following the death of a colleague when cycling to work.

Those who attended have been encouraged to sign the Get Glasgow Moving Petition and to support the Waiting To Happen Campaign.

Presentations from the event can be found below: