Urban Bites 5: New Towns; Old Solutions? Event Report

Event Report for the Urban Bites 5: "New Towns; Old Solutions?" event report

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Following a delay thanks to storm Isha we finally held our first Urban Bites events as part of the new semester on Tuesday, 2nd February 2024 in the Boyd Orr Building.

Urban Bites Events are designed to be a short series of talks by invited speakers.  Each presenter has a 15 minute slot each, consisting of a 7 minute "lightning" talk followed by 7 minutes of Q&A.

Urban Bites 5: New Towns; Old Solutions? explored a range of topics relating to the re-emergence of New Town developments as a means of addressing the need for new homes across Scotland.  This included an analysis of the historic perspective of New Towns, the challenges faced by developers in the current context, how New Town developers interact with the planning system and what steps are being taken to address historic challenges in our existing New Towns such as the reimagining of town centres and civic spaces.


Presentations from the event can be found below: