Wolfson Medical Library - Student Win!

We are delighted to report that following pressure from the SRC, 24 hour access to the Wolfson Medical Library will be reinstated from the start of term!


Following pressure from the SRC, 24 hour access to the Wolfson Medical Library will be reinstated from the start of term.

Prior to this, the SRC Advice Centre had been approached by a number of medical students who are extremely unhappy with the ongoing lack of out of hours access. Many of these students attend full-time placements during which they are often working on unpredictable hospital shift patterns, meaning they are unable to access the building, and specifically the Walton library which is situated within the building.

In June 2022, the SRC wrote an open letter to the Principal, Anton Muscatelli, asking him to reinstate out of hours access to the Wolfson Medical library with immediate effect. Following a reduction in hours during the pandemic, the out of hours access to the building never returned and was slashed from 24 hours to only 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

SRC President Rinna Väre and VP Education Micaela Levesque approached the heads of the Medical School for a meeting. Head of School Prof Matthew Walters confirmed last week that they will be reinstating 24 access to the Wolfson Building from the start of the new term onwards. All students registered on a course with the College of MVLS will be able to gain out of hours access via their student card.

We are delighted to report on this significant win for MVLS students at the University.

SRC President, Rinna Väre said:

“We are thrilled to share the news about this great win with our students. The SRC has made it clear that the extended opening hours of the Wolfson Building are vital to our medical students. On top of completing their academic studies, these students spend a significant proportion of their time at University on placement, working unpredictable hours in varying locations, which means that access to the Wolfson Building and in particular the Walton Library within it is crucial in ensuring their access to essential learning resources.”