University Accommodation Capacity Issues

A statement from the GUSRC Executive on the lack of capacity in University Accommodation.


UPDATE 11/08/22: Further to our initial statement we would like to share that in fact all new Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students may have received communications on 09/08/22 about the University's inability to guarantee accommodation, not just those in feasible commuting distance or new PGTs. We are in communication with the University and have been requesting updates on how many students this is likely to affect, however at this time we do not have definite numbers from them as to how many students will not be accommodated. We will continue to update on this issue as we receive developments.

Today the University put out communications to share that they have been unable to secure enough accommodation for incoming students this year, despite efforts to increase room numbers.

This is in part due to a significant housing shortfall across the city. As a result, the decision was made by the University to deny applications for accommodation from all new Undergraduate students who can feasibly commute to campus. This also extends to all Postgraduate Taught students who have not already received confirmation of a space in University accommodation. Although we understand why this decision has been made, we recognise that it is likely causing a lot of anxiety for those students who have not yet secured accommodation.

The SRC is aware of the issues leading up to this point and we would like to express our disappointment at the University's approach. After the accommodation crisis across Glasgow last year, the SRC lobbied the University to commit to a moratorium on student numbers, despite this it now seems that over-recruitment has contributed to the creation of a similar situation.

We understand that many of you will be upset and disappointed, and as the representatives of all students at the University, we share those feelings.  We will continue to work to encourage the University to take a stronger approach to managing student numbers and work to mitigate the impact of what is a UK wide housing issue with many contributing factors.  

Our Advice Centre have collated some advice on your options should you be affected by the University's decision:


If you are now looking for privately rented accommodation

We're aware that finding accommodation is not easy, Glasgow is experiencing an unprecedented level of demand so you will likely find that sourcing and applying for accommodation is very competitive at the minute. We've got some tips on where to look, where to stay and what to keep an eye out for when you go flat viewing on our website.

In addition to the advice linked to above you may also need to look at renting a property slightly further away from the University than you had first considered. We have information on the various areas in Glasgow, and what they have to offer in our University of Glasgow Guide Book.

Unfortunately, some accommodation adverts are scams. You can protect yourself by consulting our advice on how to avoid housing scams.


If you are now planning to stay at home and commute to the University

We have some advice on public transport, planning your journey and applying for the cheapest fares available on our website.

Bear in mind that all people under the age of 22 in Scotland are also now eligible to apply for a free bus pass. You can find more details on this, including details on how to apply for the pass, on the Scottish Government website.


If you now plan on trying to defer your place or withdraw from University

The University have more information on your options if you wish to defer your place or withdraw on their website here --

The University have also set up an Accommodation Enquiry Line if you have any further questions in relation to the information they have published today.

The Enquiry line is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm and you call them on 0141 330 7157.


If you would like to complain about the way the University have administered your Accommodation application

Please get in touch with the SRC Advice Centre for further advice:

Our Advice staff team can assist you with advice on the University's complaints procedure and assist you with the drafting and submission of your complaint.

However, you should be aware that even if you complain to the University and your complaint is upheld this will not result in you being offered a place in University accommodation for the 2022/23 academic year.