Statement: Together Against Racism

A statement from the GUSRC Executive supporting and endorsing the University's anti-racism campaign.


The SRC fully endorses and supports the anti-racism campaign that was released by the University today. You can find all of the information and resources for the campaign on the University website:

The SRC Exec were consulted and involved during the production of the campaign assets and resources, and we are pleased with the final results and are hopeful that they will have a lasting impact on our campus and its culture.

Over the coming weeks and months, we intend to work on a student-led anti-racism campaign which complements and feeds into that of the University. Opportunities to be involved in this will be publicised in due course and will be led by our VP Student Support, Hailie, and newly elected Race Equality Officer, Omar.

Racism has no place on our campus or anywhere else and we hope that this campaign is an effective first step toward a better University of Glasgow for all of us. We are Together Against Racism.


Rinna, Hailie, Micaela, Katie,
SRC Executive 22/23