Statement: Medical School Resignation

A statement from the SRC Executive on the recent issues in the Medical School.


The SRC is issuing this statement in response to the recent resignation of the Head of Undergraduate Medicine at the University.  

The reports of the “culture of misogyny” in the Medical School are shocking and disheartening to hear. The SRC condemns any form of sexism or discrimination and encourages any students affected to  access support and report this to the University. We will continue to work with University management and our representatives in the Medical School to address these issues to ensure that our campus is a safe place for everyone to work, live and study. 

If you have experienced harassment or bullying at University, we would encourage you to review the guidance created by our SRC Advice Centre, this includes advice on how to report this to the University and who to contact for support:  


Rinna, Hailie, Katie and Micaela 

SRC Executive 22/23