Statement: Glasgow Night Buses

A statement from the SRC Executive on the decision taken by First Bus to scrap their Glasgow night bus service.


We are outraged by the decision taken by First Bus to scrap their Glasgow night bus service.

Increasingly, our students are having to live further and further away from the University due to a lack of accommodation available nearby. The loss of the night bus service puts these students at risk of having to walk for miles, often through unlit areas, to get home after working, studying or socialising.

Last year, thousands of University of Glasgow students struggled to find living accommodation with the University rescinding its previous accommodation guarantee and a massive reduction in Glasgow’s private rented sector, leading to us calling on the University to put a cap on student numbers. Now, with this vital transport link severed, we expect students to have even more difficulty getting to and from campus.

We urge First Bus to reconsider their decision and call on Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government to do more to provide safe, affordable public transport within the city. Many students rely on these services, not just for socialising, but for getting to nightshifts or when studying late on campus.

SRC Executive 2023/24

Update 18/7/23: We are pleased to read that First Bus have temporarily delayed their plans to scrap the night bus service, which is now reported to be in place until August 20 - more information is available on the BBC News website: We still encourage Glasgow City Council to do all they can to ensure this vital transport link is maintained for students in and around Glasgow.