Statement: Divestment Vote

A statement from our President, on behalf of the Council, regarding the University Court's upcoming vote on divestment from the arms industry.


"On Tuesday 18th June, members of the University Court will vote on the crucial issue of divestment from the arms industry, alongside other measures intended to provide aid and support to those directly impacted by the ongoing genocide in Gaza. The University of Glasgow has the opportunity to make a powerful statement against the perpetuation of violence and the violation of human rights in Gaza by voting to ensure that its investment policies and portfolios no longer permit the funding of conflict and suffering. 

This vote comes as the result of campaigning from grassroots student groups, such as Glasgow Against Arms and Fossil Fuels (GAAF), who have called on the University to divest from the arms industry, and to commit to providing support and opportunity for Palestinian students and staff. 

Earlier in the semester, our council members voted in favour of reaffirming our longstanding commitment to the belief that the University of Glasgow should divest from the arms industry. We believe that the University must take a stance for justice and peace by disengaging from organisations directly involved in the perpetuation of human suffering, loss of life, and widespread destruction in Gaza, and beyond. 

As the legal representative body of University of Glasgow students, it is our responsibility to reflect and represent the views of our student community on the issues that affect their education, safety, and wellbeing. Throughout the last year, we have continually reaffirmed the necessity and urgency with which the University should respond to the clear call for divestment being made by our student body. We will uphold this stance on the 18th of June and vote accordingly. 

Universities are institutions dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, the promotion of ethical values, and the betterment of society. Direct involvement in the arms industry starkly contradicts these principles. The University of Glasgow was one of the first to call for a ceasefire and has committed to supporting reparational and partnership work with higher education institutions in Gaza. We are now asking our university to continue leading by example and align its financial practices with its commitment to ethical responsibility and social justice, following an unwavering call from the student body to fulfill this urgent moral obligation. 

The University of Glasgow prides itself on its status as a World Changer. We ask that members of Court reflect this ambition, by listening to our students, and voting in favour of divestment from the arms industry." 

Hailie Pentleton-Owens
SRC President 2023-24

on behalf of
Glasgow University Students’ Representative Council 2023-24