Stalls on Campus

Have you booked a stall on campus yet?


One of the many perks of affiliating your club or society with the SRC is the ability to book out our stalls on campus, including outside of the Fraser Building or the Wolfson Medical School.

A popular method of fundraising is running bake sales on campus and these stalls are the perfect locations to get the word out about your club whilst selling sweet treats.

You can also book these spaces for information stalls to tell students more about your society and what you do (a bit like you might do during the Welcome Fair!)



So how does it work?

Only SRC/GUSA affiliated student societies are allowed to hold an information stall or a baked good stall. All we ask is that you let the SRC know well in advance so that we can ensure that your stall is not blocking access to entry/exits, does not conflict with other events on campus and, if it is a bake sale, is not in direct competition with the University’s own catering facilities.

All stalls require a signed permission slip and we ask that you apply for this at least one week before you want to hold your stall. Last minute requests or any with less than 7 days’ notice will automatically be declined. 

Diaries fill up fast during semester time, so the more notice you can give, the better. Each club/society is limited to one stall request per semester to allow everyone to fundraise. Information and bake sale stalls can be held at the following locations: 

  • Outside the Fraser Building 
  • Outside the Wolfson Medical School 

Stalls are not allowed outside the Boyd Orr or the St Andrew’s Building. 

The stall should not block the entrance to the Fraser Building in any way.


How to Request a Stall

Requests for a stall on campus should be made by email to In your request you should include details of the: 

  • The affiliated society you represent 
  • Name of office bearer requesting booking
  • Date required (you will have the space from 9-5pm) 
  • Location of the stall (Fraser Building or Wolfson Medical School)
  • Details of the information/products that will be available
    • Baked goods only please (biscuits/cakes/traybakes)
    • Under no circumstances should any high risk products such as sandwiches, rice, noodles, pakora, samosas, sushi etc be offered.

Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you soon about your stall booking!