Secondhand Book Shop - Now Open!

The GUSRC Second-hand bookshop service will re-open on Monday 20th September.

src secondhand bookshop graphic in green

Buying Books 

We have two ways you can purchase a book from us: 

Click and Collect: Due to the size of the bookshop and to observe social distancing rules, we can arrange purchase through our click and collect service.  Please browse our stock and send us an email to request a book. Once we have located your book, we will contact you to arrange collection and payment. 

Book an appointment to visit the shop: You can book a 15-minute timeslot to browse our bookshop stock.  Please email with the date and time range when you will be on campus, and we will check for a suitable timeslot and contact you to confirm a time. If you are already on campus and wish to visit the bookshop, you can check in with a member of our Welcome Point Team who will be able to book you a suitable timeslot.  


Wish to Sell a Book 

We will be taking books in for sale from students wishing to sell books but due to social distancing rules this will operate via appointment only. If you would like to sell your books via the SRC Second-hand Bookshop please email with a list of your books, please include the title, author and edition. We will then come back to you with details on what books we can take and a recommended price to sell the book for. We will then ask you to make an appointment to bring in the books. 

Appointments: We will offer time slots of 15-minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of books you have for sale. Please note that appointments will take place at the Welcome Point Desk in the McIntyre Building. When you arrive at the Welcome Point Desk, a member of staff will appraise your books and confirm with you a price for each. You will then be given a card for each book and asked to complete this, including book information and your contact details. Lastly, you will be asked to file your ticket in a box and place the book(s) on a trolley. 


Conditions of Sale in the Second-hand Bookshop 

We don't buy books but sell them on your behalf. We charge 1/3 commission on the re-sale price so, for example, if a book sells for £10, you will get £6.66 after the book has sold. 

The sale price must be at least 1/3 off the current price of the book new, more if it is an older edition. We ask that the seller takes advice on the pricing of the books from a member of staff when they bring their books in. We don't confirm pricing recommendations until we have seen the books. 

Please note that any reply you have received from us saying we can take a book for sale is a provisional answer, not a guarantee. We need to see the books in order to confirm that they are likely to sell. The SRC reserves the right to refuse to take books for sale at any point. 

You will need to fill in a card with your contact details for each book that you want to sell. Please note that if you change your mind and wish to uplift your books before they have been in the shop for 3 months, there will be a 35p administration charge per book.   

We will email you when the books have sold. If you are not able to collect the money in person, we can send money by bank transfer to a UK bank account or by Paypal - minimum payment by this method is £1. 

If your book remains unsold after 18 months, we will contact you and ask for you to uplift or donate the book, if we don’t not hear back from you we will assume, after four weeks, that you have agreed to donate the book. 


Kind regards, 

SRC Bookshop Team