Autumn Election Results 2022

Meet your new council members!


Our Autumn Elections 2022 are finished! Thank you so much to everyone who ran, you all did brilliantly.

If you missed out this time, we will be back in the new year for our Spring Elections 2023 - taking place February-March.


Undergraduate College Convenors

  • College Convenor Arts - Kayz Kurmaly
  • College Convenor MVLS - Pak Su

Postgraduate College Convenors

  • PG Convenor Arts - Alex Symington
  • PG Convenor MVLS - Ebrahim Makhoul
  • PG Convenor Social Sciences - Tim Pu
  • PG Research Convenor - Imene Zhoulikha Kassous

Welfare and Equal Opportunitites Officers

  • Environmental Officer - Erika Makipere
  • Gender Equality Officer - Valeria Palomar Conesa
  • LGBTQ+ Officer - Pablo Moran Ruiz
  • Race Equality Officer - Omar Saleh

School Representatives

  • School of Chemistry - Arnav Saxena
  • School of Computing Science - Anegla Ng
  • School of Critical Studies - Mariama Bah
  • School of Humanities - Emma Murray
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics - Jordan Baillie
  • School of Mod Languages and Cultures - Sara Lombardo
  • School of Psychology and Neuroscience - Natalie van Rooyen

General Representatives

  • Chaitra Bodapunti
  • Theo Frater
  • Miko Mojsiej
  • Jaimin Prashant Desai

First Year Representatives

  • Abheer Kukreja
  • Nathan O'Brien

Read the full breakdown of results here.

Find the full list of council members here (due to be updated shortly with the newly elected reps).