Code of Practise for Field Trips Committee Application

Apply to be on a new Committee to create a Code of Practise for Field Trips with Greg Burgess and Lydia Bach!

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Our aim is to provide a Code of Practice for field course teaching that will be co-designed with staff and students here at Geographical and Earth Sciences. This will be led by Greg Burgess (student retention officer) and Lydia Bach (College Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer).

This Code of Practice will be an informal contract between staff and students that sets out expectations of how staff and students behave on field courses, highlights supporting mechanisms, considers conservation and earth stewardship and supports equality and inclusion. We are going to run three workshops over the next 3-4 months, with the final workshop resulting in a Code of Practice for fieldwork that addresses equality, diversity and inclusion, fieldwork rights/ responsibilities/ behaviours and earth stewardship. There is also the possibility to highlight student support needs and find opportunities to address some of the challenges you have experienced/ are concerned about. Below is a form to apply for a position as student member on the Code of Practice Committee. The deadline of the application is the 11th of November. We will announce Community members the following week