Black History Month 2021

Black History Month is all about celebrating and empowering our Black community at the University and beyond

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I'm Eva, the SRC’s Vice President Student Support, and I wanted to give a warm and exciting introduction to this year’s Black History Month.

Over a year after the brutal murder of George Floyd and the revitalisation of civil rights movements across the world, we remain a long way from achieving true racial-based equality in both society and our University, evidenced, among other things, by the disparity of reporting on violence inflicted on Black victims compared to white victims, the University’s report on racism, and lack of representation on both a student and staff level – University wide.

While the fight for change and true equality must, and will, continue beyond the month of October we also want to use this month to celebrate, appreciate, and showcase Black history and culture in our University community, whilst pushing and facilitating continuous active learning, awareness raising, and allyship.

This year we have collaborated with members of the Students of Colour Network, and members of the QMU to host a range of exciting online and in person events throughout the month.

You can find details of our events activities on our web page:

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy and engage with Black History Month at the University of Glasgow.

Eva Simmons
VP Student Support
Students’ Representative Council
University of Glasgow