Cardiothoracic Surgery Career Night Overview

Our first Careers Night of the year was insightful, captivating and engaging! 

We kicked off the series with a night on a career in Cardiothoracic Surgery. We were privileged to have two fantastic speakers:

Mr. Peter Lang, a post-CCT Cardiothoracic Registrar who gave a talk on his career in Cardiac Surgery by sharing his experience working in the field for 8 years, including the highs and lows of the specialty. He also discussed some rare cases he has encountered in the operating theatre with accompanying images which I’m sure were fascinating to all!

Ms. Saima Azam, an ST2 Cardiothoracic Surgery Trainee who gave a talk on how to get into Cardiothoracic Surgery training in the UK by sharing her invaluable insights in navigating the training process, including sharing her personal aspirations in pursuing the field, as well as tips on how to build a strong portfolio to get into the training pathway. Her enthusiasm surrounding the specialty was inspiring and I am sure all in attendance will never forget the dreaded Matrix!

Our event's aims were to provide valuable insights into the field of cardiac surgery, offer guidance to aspiring medical professionals, and shed light on the path to Cardiothoracic Surgery training in the UK. We hope we achieved these aims and we hope all in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the Domino’s pizza mixer at the end! We hope to see everyone who attended and more at our future events and we look forward to hosting our second part of the Cardiovascular Careers Series in the New Year.


   - The GUCVS Committee