The Official Anatomy Society SRC Page is now up and running!

Read for details on the new society webpage, learn how to sign up and get involved!

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The Anatomy Society Logo for session 2022/2023

Hi all and welcome to the new society webpage! 

This is a new hub for the Anatomy society and its members to communicate, receive updates on events and study resources and keep in touch with the society and its updates! The society is focused on bespoke events for students on the anatomy degree path at the University and covers study sessions, careers & networking, social events & mixers, anatomy themed resources and general discussion around the love of anatomy! 

Due to the sensitive nature of the topics covered the society, at this time, is only available to students on the Anatomy degree programme here at the University. 

To join: 

  • Contact us directly at or via our Instagram @uofganatomysociety 
  • Follow the steps indicated in our LinkTree in our Instagram bio and message us with confirmation to receive a special link to access our member's SRC page
  • And that's it! We're looking forward to sharing a passion for Anatomy and all the exciting things happening in the future! 

While you're here we'd recommend following us on our Instagram and also following the UofG Anatomy department's new socials on Twitter and Instagram (and another social media coming soon!) for updates from both students and staff in an exciting new time for Anatomy students! Links to all of this are just below!

Excited to meet you all soon! 

Gabriel (President)

Your 2022/2023 Committee:

Gabriel Carslaw - President, Kirsty McGinley - Vice President, Erin Dunn - Treasurer, Molly McNairn - Secretary, Janice Wu - Events Representative


Our Instagram:

Our Contact Email:

Department Instagram:

Department Twitter:


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