GU Club or Society Charitable Giving Award: WINNERS

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Glasgow University Celtic Supporters Club food drive campaign GUCSC Christmas Food Drive


The Glasgow University Celtic Supporters Club is beyond proud to accept the 2022 GU Club or Society Charitable Giving Award.

Since the beginning of our revival in September 2020, our members have put exceptional efford into our two charity events, the GUCSC Christmas Food Drive and inter-university charity football tournament, both of which raised a total of £795 and £1,500 respectively for both the Glasgow NW Foodbank and Andy's Man Club. 

Andy's Man Club is a Men's Mental Health Charity  providing free talking groups for men, working to eliminate the stigmas associated with male mental health. This is a pressing issue both within and outside football, with suicide being the highest cause of death in men aged under 45 in the UK.

Charity is something that is engrained within our ethos since the establishment of Celtic Football Club by our founder Brother Walfrid in 1887 to feed the children and the unemployed of Glasgow, and is something we as student supporters endeavour to reflect in our actions within both our club and our Glasgow community.

We were proudly represented at the awards ceremony in the Kelvin Gallery by our members Johnny Cracknell (VP), Aiden Connor (Events Coordinator) and Aidan Lynn.

We would also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Strathclyde University Celtic Supporters Club, the Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities Celtic Supporters Club, and to all those who aided in donations and promotion, without who our success would not have been possible. We look forward to another brilliant year within the GUCSC.


"Celtic Football Club is more than a football club. To a lot of people, it's a way of life."

Celtic Chairman Robert Kelly, 1947-1972