We are so beyond excited to announce that our first society Ball will be taking place on January 13th, from 6pm in the GUU Dining Hall where there will be PLENTY of glitter on the floor after the party

Tickets for this event go on sale on November 25th at the GUU Beer Bar Alcove from 12PM to 5PM. Sales are card only and please bring your student ID.

Ticket sales things to know: 

  • Each person can buy two tickets, your plus one does not need to be a glasgow uni student but the person buying the tickets needs to be and needs to have their student ID with them
  • You will have the option to let us know who you want to sit with during the dinner, 10 people is the absolute maximum per table (including plus ones) so please keep this in mind when coordinating with friends
  • Please be ready to give us your dietary requirements and those of vour plus one
  • Tickets are non-refundable but are transferable (we will not facilitate this but you can post in the community group) if you sell before Jan 4th please message us and tell us the name of the person buying your ticket and their dietary requirements and seating preference, after Jan 4th the buyer will sit in your seat and follow your dietary requirements
  • If you are sober, let us know when buying your ticket and we will replace your wine with a soft drink of your choice

Ticket price is £36 which includes a three course meal, wine, a ceilidh band and a photographer. 

Dress code is black tie, we cannot wait to see you all there on your tallest tiptoes and looking GORGEOUS