The University of Glasgow Model United Nations Society is happy to announce our first Model United Nations (MUN) conference!

Dates: 29-31 March 2023

Location: University of Glasgow Main Campus

We have been preparing in close collaboration with university officials to ensure engaging and purpose-filled debate and discussion. We hope GlasMUN will provide a platform for all to experience MUN at its best - whether delegates are completely new to this format of dialogue and diplomacy or more experienced delegates. GlasMUN aims to attract all who wish to have a fairly small and contained conference but with the engagement and atmosphere which can be provided only in Glasgow.

The GlasMUN Secretariat is thrilled to welcome all delegates from everywhere with a useful and captivating conference in the vibrant city of Glasgow.

It feels like every day there is something new on the horizon of the ever-changing world. From damaging inactivity to climate change, to the propulsion of growing war in various regions; It is for such reasons as well as many others that GlasMUN 2023's theme is: 'Preventing the Apocalypse'We believe such a theme will start this wonderful conference off with a hypothetical B A N G.

Delegates can expect to debate in exciting committees, including the House of CommonsWorld Health OrganisationUN Conference of the Parties and the UN Security Council, with varying difficulties to cater to the abilities of delegates.

Through debate, delegates have the opportunity to meet world-changers alike and engage in intense debates. This allows participants to develop key 21st century skills and be future-ready, in order to face the uncertain future that lies ahead. The conference also provides an opportunity to further enhance the curriculum vitae of students.

With diplomacy reaching its limits on the world stage, countries using diplomacy only for its name rather than the betterment of humanity, can and will we as delegates at GlasMUN come together with our passion and understanding of the massive challenges faced internationally to find ground for resolution through debate. As the United Nations in its various forms seeks to find solutions to numerous matters, we must focus on certain issues to see if any one of us can provide innovative solutions for the problems humanity currently faces. 

For further information, including how to apply, please follow the link to our website: https://uofgmun.wixsite.com/glasgow-model-united 

Please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages found at the bottom of this email for more updates.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email at modelunitednations@src.gla.ac.uk

Warmest Regards,

Glasgow Model United Nations 2023 Secretariat