Content Warning: The content below includes content about gender-based violence and abuse. If you need any support and advice please go to this page.

We're marching together during 16 Days of Activism to demand action to make our streets safer and show solidarity to survivors of Gender-based Violence (GBV).

We believe that, as women, trans and non-binary people and those presenting as female, we have the right to walk the streets at night without the fear of sexual and gendered violence. We want to protest against the stigma surrounding rape and sexual assault, the victim-blaming that goes alongside this and make our thoughts known on the appalling rape conviction rate in Scotland.

After the march, there will be teas, coffee, and snacks provided at Strath Union on Level 8, with more info on this coming soon.

Information about Gender-based Violence

GBV is a form and function of gender inequality (from ScotGov & UN definition). It can include, but is not limited to harassment, rape and sexual assault, and domestic abuse. It can also manifest in insults, intimidating behaviour, and abusing positions of trust.

This march forms part of the SRC's contribution to the University's "Together Against GBV" campaign which launches during 16 Days. 

Important Event Information

The route for the march is as shown below, starting at Kelvingrove Park to finish at George Square. Timings are as follows:

5.30pm - UofG students/staff meeting point at the Memorial Gates, University Avenue

6 pm – gather at the Eldon Street entrance to Kelvingrove Park

6.20 pm – start the march

              ~ 6.50 pm *5minutes rest on Sauchiehall St

7.30 pm – Arrive at George Square

7:45 pm – Disperse to Strath Union or elsewhere

There will be some chanting taking place during the march - if you want an idea of what chants we use, check them out:

FFNT Chants (this link will open in a new tab).

At the end of the march, there will be a short rally in George Square. Attendees are then invited to come back to Strath Union for an after-event gathering at Level 8 of the Strath Union for teas, coffee and snacks. There will also be information available from representatives from a number of different organisations including the SRC. Please note a form of valid photographic ID will be needed to enter the Union building. 

Inclusion at Fight for the Night

Whilst recognising that GBV affects all genders, it particularly affects women, trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse people and is disproportionally perpetrated by men.  

Throughout the march, we want to ensure that those people who are affected by GBV have the chance to be heard and have space granted to them where they may not normally.  

We will also have a break on the march to allow for rest and we will move at a slow walking pace. If you wish to join the march later on the route, you are welcome to - you can also leave whenever you would like to. 

Safety Precautions

It will be cold and has the potential to be wet - please wear appropriate footwear and layers, including waterproofs if necessary. SRC will have some gloves available. Both Strath and SRC will also have additional lighting available in the form of torches / wearable lights.

Before and after the march, please make sure that you get home safely. Kelvingrove and George Square are both near several public transport options - we would also recommend travelling with others if possible. If you are getting a taxi home at the end of the event you are welcome to come to Strath Union and wait there. 

Photography Notice

Strath and SRC will have a photographers at the march. The Strath photographer will be wearing an orange hi-vis vest and the SRC will be in blue. They’ve been instructed to do their best to avoid taking photos where people can be identified unless we have consent. If you would not like to appear in any photos, please make yourself known to the photographer. If you are taking photos for your own social media, you should not include faces in an identifiable way, unless you know the people and/or have sought their consent. Please tag SRC / Strath Union in your posts as well!


All University of Glasgow attendees must follow the GUSRC Events Code of Conduct: https://www.glasgowunisrc.org/policies/events-conduct/