The app homepage is a bit like your newsfeed for everything SRC. Check back regularly for the latest news and events which are updated each week. You can also find links to our key services.

About SRC

What is the SRC anyway? Well we're the Students' Representative Council and we're here to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience whlist here at the University of Glasgow. Check out this page to find out more about what we do to support you.

User Guide

The page you're on right now! Explains all of the features of the My SRC app.


Your SRC

My Account

View the details attached to your account: name, email address, student ID, address details and your PIN for signing into the app. You can also change your app PIN on this page.

My Clubs

This page holds a list of all the clubs you are currently a member of. Not joined any yet? Well what are you waiting for! Head to the "Find a Club" section to get started.

My Events

Once you've joined a few clubs, this page will help you keep up-to-date with the latest events from the clubs you're in. It's your personalised feed for your upcoming club and society events. If the page is empty, your clubs don't have any upcoming events. You can also find more events at the "What's On?" section.

My Tickets

If you've purchased a ticket for an event, the event will appear on this page! Some clubs may ask to see this page as proof of you having purchased a ticket.

My News

Similar to My Events, this page will help you keep up-to-date with the latest news from the clubs you're in. When one of the clubs you're in posts a news article it will show up here. You can also find news from the SRC at the "SRC News" section.

My Merch

Some of your clubs and socs might even have merchandise for sale on the site! Check out this page to see what's available. If the page is empty, there's currently no merchandise listed.

My Hours

This page links to your Volunteering profile - get yourself logged in and you can start to record your volunteering hours and work toward our various reward and recognition schemes.

Any UofG student who gives up their time freely for the benefit of others - whether that's through an SRC Volunteering project or not - is eligible to receive one of our UofG Volunteering awards, so start logging your hours today!

My Training & Wellbeing

It's important to look after your mental and physical health whilst at Universty. The SRC provides workshops both for improving your awareness of mental health and also around gender-based violence. Use this page to see what workshops are coming up.




What's On?

This page features a full list of all of the latest events available on our site, including SRC, club and society and student media events. You can click on events and purchase tickets if they're available.

Find a Club

Not yet joined a club, or looking to join some more? Use this page to browse the entire list of currently affiliated clubs and societies. You can check out the club pages, find out more about what they do, and sign up for membership directly within the app!


Volunteering and giving back can be so rewarding and help you leave university with more than a degree. Check out the latest volunteering opportunities on offer from our dedicated service.

SRC News

The latest news and updates from us here at the SRC, including our regular newsletters, blogs and official statements.


Advice & Support

Advice Centre

The SRC Advice Centre provides free, confidential and impartial advice on a wide range of subjects from housing or financial issues, to academic concerns or problems with your employer. Check out this page to find a massive amount of helpful tips and guidance.

Cost of Living Support

The SRC Advice Centre have collaborated with the University of Glasgow to put together a page of tips and guidance for anyone struggling with the rising cost of living.


System Pages


If you're in the middle of purchasing a membership or event ticket, it will show up here in your basket.

Purchase History

This page will show you a full list of all of the purchases you've made through the app.

Membership History

This page will show you a full list of all of the memberships you've signed up for.


Pretty straightforward - log out of the app here!