Kendo, meaning the "way of the sword", is a modern Japanese martial art of sword fighting. There is no requirement for any previous experience in kendo to join. Everyone is welcome!

Originating from the centuries old Kenjutsu developed by the Samurai class, Kendo uses armour (Bogu) and bamboo swords (Shinai) to allow safe yet realistic fights. Kendo practitioners, known as kendoka, engage in sparring matches where they strive to strike designated target areas on their opponent's body while adhering to a set of rules and etiquette. The ultimate goal of kendo is not merely to win but to achieve mental and physical discipline, developing the character of the practitioner through rigorous training. Practitioners follow a code of conduct emphasizing respect, humility, and self-discipline. As well as sparring, kendo also consists of kata – set movements based on traditional kenjutstu forms done with the tachi (long sword) and kodachi (short sword).


Glasgow University Kendo Club has competed in several competitions including the Scottish University Taikai where we recently achieved silver medal in team competitions in 2024, Bronze in Women’s Open and several fighting spirit awards, as well as the UK University Taikai: where we won Bronze in the Men’s Open and Bronze in Women’s Kyu. As a British Kendo Association affiliated club, we are able to host in-club kyu gradings and regularly attend Dan shinsa gradings and seminars with club gaining 5 new Shodan (black-belt) this year. We also receive training from a regional level 4th Dan Coach and have close ties to the local city club Taisedokai, ran by many 6th Dan sensei.


We train 3 times a week at the Stevenson Building. Beginners are welcome to drop in for a free trial session at GUKC within the first two weeks of each semester, unless they have prior kendo experience – in which case they should drop the captain an email! All that's needed to join the club is some comfortable workout appropriate clothing, we supply the swords and armour! Please see the Club Sport Training Timetable for current training times.


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