We are Glasgow University Judo Club, one of the longest running judo clubs in Scotland, being founded in 1953.

We teach Judo, an Olympic sport, in which the aim is to manipulate your opponent’s momentum and throw them to the mat, strangle or arm lock them into submission. It is a sport of technique, strength, respect and discipline. Judo is more than a sport, it is a way of life. No matter your age or experience, you can learn the way of Judo. Guided by our expert coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience, you will go from a zero to a hero.


Judo is primarily an individual sport when it comes to competing. We often encourage our members to compete at competitions suitable for their level both at home and abroad. With several competitions a year we aim to send many players out, and bring as many medals back. There are also team competitions, where we stand against other universities and clubs.


However, there is no obligation to compete. Judo is great for your overall physical and mental fitness. It teaches you how to apply your physical and mental ability in the most effective way. It’s not all about fitness as well. Judo is fun! When we aren’t getting ready to win medals. We play fun games that help develop many of the skills to do well in competition.


We train twice a week at the Stevenson Building: Wednesdays & Saturdays. Wednesdays are split into a technical hour, which is great for beginners and those wanting to master technique, and a randori (fighting) session - an opportunity to put your learning into practice.


Every wednesday night, after training we head to The Old Schoolhouse for some food and a drink (or two!). In the past we have also run fight nights, pub golfs and other socials alongside other martial arts clubs


There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.





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