We are Glasgow University Caving Association – the only University caving club in Scotland!

Caving is a fun and adventurous sport that leads you to places deep underground that few people have seen. We follow winding streamways, through narrow passages carved out in the rock. There are tight squeezes and enormous caverns, beautiful ceilings covered with delicate stalactites, underground waterfalls, wet crawls, and deep drops into darkness which we descend down on a rope. Exploring cave systems brings a sense of challenge and lets you conquer your fears like nothing else.  


We go caving in different areas around the UK, usually Yorkshire, northern Scotland (Assynt area), and the Peak district since these are the closest caving areas. Some caves are mostly crawling, walking, and scrambling, but in many we need to rig ropes to descend and ascend, which is called singlerope technique (srt). This involves lots of equipment which we have as a club and can teach you to use. If you’ve been caving before, let us know, but most people who join us don't have any experience and we will teach  you what you need to know and ensure your safety in the cave. 



Our main activity is our caving trips - We run regular trips approximately once a month for the weekend. We take a minibus and leave on Friday evening and drive to a caving hut where we stay for two nights. We all go caving on Saturday, and then have a social evening in the hut, and some of us cave again on Sunday while some just go for a walk or have a relaxed day, then we drive back to Glasgow. 



We do weekly training sessions in the Stevenson building Studio 3 to teach single rope technique (srt), which involves learning how to put on a caving harness and ascend and descend on a rope, as well as learning knots and how to rig the ropes if you’re interested in learning more! You don’t need any prior knowledge at all to come to training. A few times a year we also run training outdoors where we use our ropes and equipment to climb trees, which is great for practicing these skills at Height. 



We are a very social club and have weekly pub socials as well as various different fun and more specialized socials throughout the year, including  bouldering and roped climbing, swimming, film nights, our yearly pub crawl, and lots more fun stuff! 


Additional Info  

For more details, check out our Instagram (@gusacaving) where we let  you know what is coming up, and have a Linktree for much more information. We also have a WhatsApp chat for our members to keep in contact, which can be found on the Linktree and Instagram. Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to get involved! 


There are no events planned at the moment, check back soon.





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