UofG Welcome 2021 | FAQs

UofG January Welcome 2022 | FAQs

The UofG Welcome is the bigger and better version of the traditional Freshers' Week. It's a series of events and activities taking place throughout September designed to introduce to life at the University of Glasgow, or if you're a returning student to give you a warm welcome back.
The UofG Welcome is open to all students at the University of Glasgow, including 1st through 5th years, Postgraduate students, exchange students and more!

Relatives, friends, and students from other universities are unfortunately not allowed to attend.

Some events will be more tailored for specific year groups or communities of students - be sure to check the event descriptions for details if you're unsure if an event is suitable for you.
The UofG Welcome is led by the Students' Representative Council - they're the folks who fight for student rights, provide advice and support and organise opportunities and events (like this one!)

You can find out more about them at https://glasgowstudent.net
Safety has come above all else in our planning for the UofG Welcome 2022.

We really want you to have a memorable and fun welcome to the University, but also we want to protect your health and minimise the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19. Careful planning and consideration has gone into each of our on-campus events, and full risk assessments have been completed in partnership with University Health & Safety for every physical event we propose to run.

We have prioritised the events that we think will give you the best chance to get to know new people, and get used to life in Glasgow. Some of our events will differ in their procedures, but generally we will follow these principles:

• In enclosed spaces, students and staff will be required to wear face coverings (unless exempt) in order to lower the risk of infection.
• Hand sanitiser stations have been deployed across all Campus buildings, and extra will be made at any event venues.
• Some physical-distancing measures will be still be in place across campus, mainly 1m indoors. This means that certain spaces will be capped so as to allow students to move around safely.
• All staff and students will be encouraged to maintain a strict hygiene regime – washing hands regularly throughout the day.
• Anyone who is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate immediately. If you don’t feel well, please don’t come to campus.
• Our physical events will be ticketed and monitored to ensure that we are able to trace any flare ups of infection.
• In the event of further restrictions being imposed by the Scottish Government, or if there is a local outbreak of the virus, we are prepared to cancel any physical events that could pose a risk to our students. Please remember that this could happen at very short notice.

The UofG Welcome has been designed to move online if it needs to, and we are confident that if that happens then we’ve been able to provide a bit of something for everyone despite difficult circumstances.
The University has a webpage dedicated to this topic, and they even have their own page of FAQ. Copycats. Check it out here.

They also have a page regarding their processes for assessing risk – all of which have been followed strictly by the organisers of the UofG Welcome events.
Native is essentially an events website. We use Native to distribute our tickets, and host our live-streams. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your event needs.

It is free to sign-up for and really easy to use!
Tickets will be available via the Native events platform very soon – you can sign up on the platform for a reminder of when tickets are available!

The night time events will be hosted and organised by the 2 social unions on campus: Glasgow University Union (GUU) and Queen Margaret Union (QMU). You can find all of their events at https://www.uofgfreshers.co.uk/
We strive to make UofG Welcome accessible for all. For enquiries about disability access and support, please get in touch with the Disability Service at disability@gla.ac.uk or phone 0141 330 5497.

The McIntyre Building, Stevenson Gym and Gilchrist Postgraduate Club are all accessible – as is the Main Building. For more information on the accessibility of campus, head to the University’s website.
Yes! All students at Glasgow University this coming academic year are eligible to take part in UofG Welcome events, including postgraduate students, students transferring from Glasgow International College, exchange students and Erasmus students.

If you are at Glasgow, UofG Welcome is for you! Postgraduates should also look out for events run by the Gilchrist Postgraduate Club which is a social space dedicated for postgraduates to use and come together with the rest of the postgraduate community. In the past they have organised events such as pub quizzes, murder mysteries, and a fabulous drag show!
The University manage all registration and inductions and have a section of practical information you need to know for the start of term – be sure to check out the information on their website as you will may to do some important stuff for your course during the main Welcome week This includes registering your details with the university and go to a couple of induction lectures for each of your classes.
For questions relating to the UofG Welcome or events, get in touch with us via events@src.gla.ac.uk


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