Statement: Illegal Migration Bill

A statement from the GUSRC Executive regarding a recently passed motion from the SRC Council, rejecting the Illegal Migration Bill.


At its most recent Council meeting, the SRC has overwhelmingly rejected the 'Stop The Boats’ or Illegal Migration Bill introduced by the UK Government to the House of Commons on 7 March 2023. We are deeply concerned about the impact this bill will have on members of our community and we wholly endorse the statements made by the Scottish Refugee Council, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and other expert bodies in highlighting the appalling impact that this Bill will have on the thousands of vulnerable individuals seeking asylum and the safety and protection they are entitled to.  

People seeking asylum are likely not to have access to visas, passports or other identity documents, which makes using legal routes to enter the UK effectively impossible. Seeking asylum is a human right, and this bill will deny protection for some of the most vulnerable people fleeing conflict and persecution. 

We will continue our work on making the University of Glasgow a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, and supporting other members of our community who remain committed to resisting injustice.  

In November 2022, UofG was awarded University of Sanctuary status, in recognition of its commitment to supporting people who have experienced forced migration. We have recently requested that the University provide an update on progress on their commitment to the 15 by 30 pledge, aiming to ensure that by 2030 15% of the refugee population is enrolled in higher education. 

For anyone affected by this bill or concerned about the impact it may have on your studies, we encourage you to get in touch with the SRC Advice Centre who will aim to provide guidance or if necessary can refer on to specialist Asylum/Migration support services.  

- GUSRC Executive 22/23