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(LONG POST; Read what catches your eye!)


Hey everyone, I’d like to first give everyone who joined us at the Welcome Fair a warm welcome! We hope you will enjoy our society and be able to make some friends, and perhaps pick up a new hobby or two! :) 


But what is this society about? We have explained the general gist at the stall, so this post is mainly to add some details and understand the type of events we are going to be holding!


What events do we hold?

As the all-encompassing tabletop society on campus we will regularly host RPG events, board game events, some wargaming and Trading Card Game events and a social here and there! 


Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

If you are interested in jumping into a character and playing through unique adventures, then RPGs are for you! On the RPG front we hold three different types of events. 


We will have one-shots at least once (and in September, twice!) a month with the first ones happening on the 19th (starting at 6pm, in the JMS 630 & 639)! Regular campaigns are something that will start on October 3rd so keep your eyes peeled! megagames (a membership exclusive perk) are day-long events almost like a campaign in a day! The up-and-coming megagame will have you in a Cyberpunk world where corporations monetise sleep! 


If you want to run one of these games, play in them or otherwise chat about these events, our RPG Sheriff Maggie Naylor (reibellion on Discord) has you covered. She’ll be ready to answer all of your burning questions and thoughts!


Board Games, TCGs and Wargaming

On Mondays you will find us playing board games in a bunch of different venues! We have a bunch of games from light party games to more complex strategic Euros. Come by, bring a board game if you want to, but that isn’t necessary! Our first board game event is on the 25th (at 6pm in the QMU Meeting Room 1)! 


TCGs like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and the like are also really popular! And our Wargaming community is steadily growing! If these interest you, don't be afraid to get in touch with our Non-RPG King Simonas (sinamonas on Discord). This goes for any questions about the board game nights!



We try to regularly give people a chance to meet up, perhaps for a movie, drink or ice cream! These are just a fun time to hang-out with others in the society on days we aren’t gaming! We are also looking for a Social Convenor/organiser, so if you want to get more involved with the committee keep your eyes peeled for more on this position!



Next spring we are hosting a large UK wide gaming ‘competition’ where universities from all over the country will come to take part! We are on the look-out for more helpers for this (it’s a great opportunity to build up those volunteering hours) so if this seems fun and you’d like more information feel free to contact our Nationals Convenor James Ross (tankiolegend on Discord)!



As you know our society does offer £5 memberships for students of Glasgow Uni and others! These will get you our beautiful and custom d20 as well as membership exclusive events. PLUS it’s a great way to support the society! If an event is membership exclusive we tell you in the announcement and event listing. 


That’s it from me! Keep an eye out on our events and I hope to see you around!

See ya around,

Darius, your President.


P.S. For those of you not currently on our Discord, Instagram or Facebook consider following us on one of those platforms as that’s where all of our events will be posted first! (although one of these platforms is enough!) 


Instagram: @gugamingsoc

Facebook: Glasgow University Gaming Society


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