The University of Glasgow Space Agency is a society based around the exploration of commercial spaceflight.

We cover a range of activities, including building and launching commercially designed prototype spacecraft and basic astroNOT training. We will be designing, building and launching a prototype capsule attached to a high altitude balloon. This capsule will eventually be designed with the capability to take a human to at least 80,000 feet above the surface of the Earth, to the point where the curvature of our planet can be observed. Initially, we will design and build a prototype fitted with cameras to observe this image ourselves! We will also be carrying out basic astroNOT training. This will cover a wide range of areas, including physical training, hand-eye coordination, flight simulations and an AstroNOT Training Weekend. If you are interested in designing a high altitude balloon, or just want to get involved with the training and simulators, apply to be a part of UGSA today!


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